dialog 0.7 Changelog

Version 0.7  03/16/2001
Vincent Stemen  (dialog@hightek.org)

I changed the versioning back to the range it should be in.  Version
0.61a followed 0.6z which was a huge numerical jump.  Since
dialog-0.9a-20010115 from the Debian Linux project actually succeeds
this one, I felt this should have a version between 0.6z and 0.9a.  I
do not expect much more to happen with this branch.

Updated the man page to display the correct version.  

Included a Notes file about compiling dialog under HPUX.

The following changes were by Peter Breitenlohner (peb@mppmu.mpg.de)
1. I have removed the empty .depend from the unpacked sources and
   rewritten the Makefile such that this is automatically generated
   (at least with GNU make, I suppose that's all we care about).  I
   actually needed this after modifying dialog.h, in order to have
   things automatically recompiled by 'make'.

2. I have somewhat reinterpreted your $(prefix) and added $(DESTDIR):
	$(prefix) is the location where to install, e.g. /usr or /usr/local
	$(DESTDIR) is for the package builder

   With $(prefix) and/or $(DESTDIR) I find it absolutely necessary to
   create all required directories!

3. I have arranged that dialog.1 is created during 'make' or 'make
   all', not during 'make install'. When the build path is
   nfs-mounted, root may only have read access.

4. Various minor changes to avoid unnecessary or spurious compiler
   warnings (removal of unused variables, initializations and function

5. In guage.c I have replaced gets by fgets; I think the slightly
   different semantics (\n at the end of the buffer) doesn't matter.
   gets is really dangerous.

6. In fileselect.c the "--file_width;" was commented out by someone (I
   have not the faintest idea what for). This was, however, part of an
   if-statement. Thus the "dialog = newwin (..." became part of that
   if-statement, which caused a "possibly uninitialized" compiler
   warning.  In fact for file_x + file_width <= width the variable
   dialog was certainly not initialized.

Version 0.62  03/06/2001
Vincent Stemen  (dialog@hightek.org)

Fixed a tag/item centering bug in both menubox.c and checklist.c that
has been there at least since 0.6z (before that, I don't know).  If
there happened to be shorter lines with longer tags and longer lines
with shorter item fields, it would not center it correctly and often
cut off characters on the right side even though the box was plenty
wide enough.

Fixed a cosmetic bug in menubox.c, that apparently recently appeared,
where the cursor got left in the menu box when it first came up.  It
would go away after hitting an arrow or tab key.

Also added a prefix variable to the Makefile for installing into a
binary package build area.

Since I can find no evidence of an official maintainer or web page for
dialog, I have put up a little home page for it.  I will go ahead and
take over maintaining it if I don't hear from anybody claiming to be
the maintainer.  I tried emailing the original author and several of
the contributers to find somebody to send patches for my bug fixes to,
but all emails bounced as non-existent.  They included:
    Savio Lam   lam836@cs.cuhk.hk,
    Marc Ewing  marc@redhat.com,
    Thomas Regner (regner@q-marks.de),
    John Gatewood Ham (zappaman@alphabox.buu.ac.th)

So I hope I am not stepping on anyones toes.

The web page URL is  http://www.hightek.org/projects/dialog


Thomas Regner (regner@q-marks.de)
For version 0.61a (available only as patch-file to dialog-06z.tar.gz),
I added a fileselector-dialog, fixed a few things in menubox.c that
broke my shell-skripts and problems in textbox.c with dos-style files
(\n\r or \r\n as the line-end-mark).
Since I donĀ“t know if there is an active maintainer of dialog, I
changed just the version-note to 0.61a and submit my changes as a
patch.  the file-selector-dialog was a very fast hack without prior
knowlegde of dialog or curses, I would be gratefull for any hints on
doing it better next time :-)

For version 0.6z, I adjusted the help stuff in dialog so that it
would not list the --create-rc or the --guage unless they are
compiled into the program.  The real manual page is dialog.man,
and the install program will process it to remove the rc and/or 
guage information as neccessary based on the HAVE_RC_FILE and
HAVE_GUAGE values in the Makefile.  This means that if the
compile/install sets HAVE_GUAGE to false, no gauge stuff is
in the program or the man page, etc.

John Gatewood Ham (zappaman@alphabox.buu.ac.th)
I have uploaded dialog-0.6c.tar.gz to sunsite. It should be moved
to pub/Linux/utils/shell, I think.
(It is also on susix.jura.uni-sb.de/pub/linux/source/libc/ncurses/.)

dialog is typically invoked from a shell script and puts nice
yes-no/checklist/radio-button - menues on your screen.
(Text is just passed on as arguments to dialog.)

Starting point for this new version was dialog-0.54 from the RedHat
people. I reformatted the source code to be better readable :-),
deleted some old code for old broken nurses-versions, moved code
around to give it a better structure (better modularisation),
made some small modifications (forgot which, but all were very minor).
One goal was to have a library, which can also be used from normal
C programs and maybe perl5 (any volunteer to show me how to do this?).

There are no new features and I also don't expect any compatibility
problems with shell scripts written for previous releases.
("No known problems/bugs.")

Please use ncurses-1.9.4 or newer with this dialog release. It's
really worth it. (prep.ai.mit.edu or
ftp.netcom.com/pub/zm/zmbenhal/ncurses.)  If you have problems
compiling dialog, you might have to change the source code to use
'' instead of the now used ''.

Thanks a lot,

Florian La Roche     florian@jurix.jura.uni-sb.de

P.S.: I am currently working on a C program for my install disk.
      At the moment, most things just have to be recoded from perl to
      C. (Mainly calls to put nice menues on the screen.)  If anybody
      wants to help me, I'd be more than thankful.  (Apart from the
      install-disk hassel, my elf-distribution seems to complete and
      working now. Just look on susix.jura.uni-sb.de/pub/linux.)
      Current source for the C prog is in the dialog-0.6c source