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Drupal 8 - Wrapping text around images

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As of Drupal 8.4.5, since ckeditor has been crippled, these are the most simple methods I could come up with to style inline images in my content, such as wrapping text and/or adding borders and margins around them.

These methods are not ideal but workable and not too painful.

Drupal 8 paragraphs module

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The Paragraphs module for the Drupal 8 CMS is still utilizing text fields with the same ckeditor limitations I discussed here. However, it does have some nice features over just using the default single text entry box for the body of your content. Most notably, in conjunction with the Classy paragraphs module, the ability to define an arbitrary number of classes that you can select from to style your paragraphs and images.

Drupal 8 WYSIWYG Editor Crippled

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I was excited that Drupal 8 included the ckeditor WYSIWYG editor out of the box until I discovered they crippled it. I spent a couple days wrestling with it and doing research on how to overcome the limitations to no avail. I love just about everything else I have learned about Drupal 8 so far. They have done a wonderful job on the interface and all the new back end features.

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