Domain name theft

We lost our domain name that we had owned for over 5 years through what we believe to be a conspiracy between Network Solutions (NSI) and (a cyber squatter or otherwise known as a cyber pirate) to steel our domain. then attempted to extort $500 from us to get our domain back.

Drupal 8 paragraphs module

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paragraphs screenshot
The Paragraphs module for the Drupal 8 CMS is still utilizing text fields with the same ckeditor limitations I discussed here. However, it does have some nice features over just using the default single text entry box for the body of your content. Most notably, in conjunction with the Classy paragraphs module, the ability to define an arbitrary number of classes that you can select from to style your paragraphs and images.

Drupal 8 WYSIWYG Editor Crippled

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I was excited that Drupal 8 included the ckeditor WYSIWYG editor out of the box until I discovered they crippled it. I spent a couple days wrestling with it and doing research on how to overcome the limitations to no avail. I love just about everything else I have learned about Drupal 8 so far. They have done a wonderful job on the interface and all the new back end features.

Drupal vs Wordpress - My experiences and impressions

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I should have posted this earlier but never got around to it. It's not based on the latest version of Wordpress because these notes are from a few years ago when I was evaluating different CMS's to choose what to use for our web sites. I spent months researching, evaluating and testing a bunch of different CMS platforms for our web sites and it came down to Drupal and Wordpress as my top two runner ups.
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